Are you looking to start your own brand of brow products? Let us help you! 
We are and we own the No.1 best-selling BrowSoap in Australia @bohobrows. BohoBrows was started 2.5 years ago and grew huge overnight due to the amazing results that this product gives. Private Label BrowSoap is the exact same product that I use within my brand @bohobrows so you can rest assure that your BrowSoap brand will be a top quality product.
Most of you who that have came across this page will already be in the beauty industry, like myself. I already had a tribe of loyal brow clients who trusted me, so launching a brand to my clients was very easy as they trusted that I wouldn't put just any product on their brows. If your clients trust you, they are going to be desperate to try your products!  
Remember that the products you chose to represent your brand must be amazing quality! It can be tempting to purchase your BrowSoap from China, they are slightly cheaper, however make sure you TRY this product first. I have had numerous customers purchase from China in bulk only to realise how bad the BrowSoap is (dries in white or in chunks, only lasts a few hours etc) then they come to us and we supply them with our amazing BrowSoap and they say the difference is night and day! Not only does this waste a lot of money but also time...and time is money when trying to build a brand.
@bohobrows has been in production for near 3 years now and we haven't had ONE single complaint or been asked by anyone for their money back as we offer a 100% guarantee with @bohobrows. Another sign that our BrowSoap is a BrowSoap you can trust. 
 @bohobrows also amazing reviews and also is used by top MUA's on legends like Tammy Hembrow, Emilee Hembrow, Michael Finch etc. 

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